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How to transfer my domain to BroHosting?

Once you have everything you need, log-in to the Client Area, choose Domains -> New domain transfer and perform these 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the domain name you want to transfer.
  2. Enter the EPP code.
  3. Confirm your transfer.

Afterwards check your email. You will receive a confirmation with the receipt included. Once paid, we will initiate the domain transfer immediately. The time it takes to complete the transfer varies depending on the domain extension. Usually, it takes no longer than 5 days.

How to Change Nameservers of domain at BroHosting?

Please login to Client Area, choose Domains -> My Domains then beside of the small brench icon you will see a down arrow. Click on that and you should click to Manage Nameservers

  1. Check Use custom nameservers
  2. Enter the desired nameservers you want to use.
  3. Click to Change Nameservers.

Note that Changing Nameservers can cause many trouble. If you want to use our services you have to use Default Nameservers in order to use most services perfectly. Chaning Nameservers may take up 24-48 hours.


You can choose between many domains, that we provide on the lowest price. Including .com  and .eu , also .org, not last .me and much more…

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